Which is better; Hybrid or Native App?

Mobile phones have transformed the way we use internet today to a whole new level. We have witnessed immense growth in mobile users around the globe in the past couple of years. Digitization has made it a primary need to have a mobile phone along with an internet connection. This growth has aided in a huge demand for various mobile applications.
To begin with, the mobile application plays a very important role in simplifying our life and hence it gave acceleration to the growth for Mobile Application Development. Earlier being a difficult task to build applications, the advent of Android smartphones changed the dynamics of app building making it easier and user-friendly. A piece of basic knowledge in Android and you can start designing your own customized application.
Several different types of applications are available today which are categorized as follows: Native App, Web App, and Hybrid App. Now the question arises, which approach should you choose to build your app? Native App would be the most preferable approach if you wish to build an app for an integrated platform (Android or iOS). On the other hand, Hybrid app approach would provide you with easier building and maintaining along with multiple platform compatibility.
Insights into Native App and Hybrid App
Native Apps are designed to serve specific platforms. For an Android environment, the app is coded in Java or Kotlin, C# for windows phone whereas for iOS it is developed in Swift or Objective-C. Therefore, one cannot use the same codebase for several different platforms. Same logic for each platform has to be written in a completely different environment.
Talking about the hybrid app, they are a perfect alternative for frontend developers. Only a single codebase in JavaScript makes it easier to scale. Moreover, it is a combination of Web and Native Applications coded in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
Although building a hybrid app is better alternative because it can be released across multiple platforms with single source code. Also, it takes up less time and effort compared to native. Let us have a look at why choose Native Apps over Hybrid Apps.
Why choose Native over Hybrid App?
Trouble-free Performance
For mobile application development, Native App requires coding for every different platform using different programming languages according to operating system. Hence it comprehends a smooth performance because there are different versions of a single application corresponding to the platform being used.
User experience
Good user experience is a must-have for any application. Native Apps provide with much better feel and experience to its users with better scrolling, gesture recognition, several animations, and many other appealing elements.
Protection and security of data
Native App provides with complete efficiency in hardware resources making it more secure and protected. This is only possible if the application has all rights to access device’s functionalities.
Speed factor
The fact that application has been fully optimized for iOS or Android, it makes the user interface quite fast and better. Development of Native Apps considers memory utilization as well as battery usage. It's quite easy to implement and integrate new features and gestures.
Android comprises a wide range of devices with various different screen size and resolution. To cope up with them and have a layout perfect for your device, is only possible with the Native Application approach.
Accessibility and flexibility
Because of its different versions for a single app, Native Apps provide with faster access to inbuilt device functionalities such as camera, GPS, microphone, etc. anything and everything can be implemented according to the upcoming trends in technology.
The debate around types of application and which one is best is still quite relevant today. Although there is a very thin line difference between the approaches, your main focus has to be on the motive behind designing the app and not on technology. It is quite a better option to stick with Native App and not sacrifice on designing part of applications for respected platforms.
One can’t come up with a clear winner among the above approaches. It's not something black or white, every approach has its own pros and cons suitable depending on several requirements. You can have an app designed according to your requirements as our company, NCrypted technologies. This App Development Company provides you with a legit solution to create your ideas into a reality. The bottom line is that every approach provides a completely different experience; therefore, it's very necessary to have a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages before jumping into its development.
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