What will shape the future of SEO? 7 trends to watch in 2019

A brief about SEO
It's pretty incredible to see how far Search engine optimization (SEO) has come in the past few years from its initial stage. SEO is the art and science of driving targeted audience to your website from several search engines. Nearly 70.6% of traffic originates from a search engine from which 60% of traffic is generated through Google web searches.
Search Engine Optimization Services encompass technical as well as creative elements required to improve website rankings, driving traffic, and to increase awareness in search engines. From the words on your page to the way links to your websites are added, SEO is simply a matter of assuring whether your site is structured enough for the search engine to understand.
Search engine result page (SERP) is all about showcasing organic results through all the search engines. Paid search results are ads that are portrayed above or underneath the organic results. To get a higher rank among organic results, your website must be accessible, comprise important keywords used for searches, technically sound, and should provide with a better user experience along with quality content which would aid in serving users to get the most prominent answers to their queries.
Let us walk through the future trends of Search engine optimization services to have a clear picture about the search engines and its optimization.
Some important SEO trends you need to know before the year ends
  1. Going beyond Google search
It has been believed that SEO will not just be about optimizing Google, but will have to take into consideration about other engines as well. Knowing how to drive traffic and engagement for other things is quite important for Search engine optimization services. A strong SEO would not only have to get the blue links, but should be able to rank in several platforms where people search for things other than text for example apps, podcasts, and videos.
Exceptional content creation
The recent updates about search engines revealed that they are intensifying its focus more on the depth and breadth of the content quality. Websites with better quality of content soared in rankings throughout the year while those sites having weaker quality suffered in comparison. Search engine optimization services are not just about answering queries and driving users to your web page, it must comprise a content to engage users and guide them to the next action.
Investing in Technical side of SEO
The technical side of SEO focuses majorly on Speed, JavaScript, and Progressive web apps. Google is rewarding sites for having faster access and simple user interface. As the time passes, sites are becoming more JavaScript driven making it a necessity to have a little knowledge about it. Also, you need to worry about how your sites would live on as a PWA to have a better user experience in the near future.
Voice optimization strategy
Mobile phones have made it a handy task for all search engines to get blue links with mobility. Voice searches provided a prominent shift from specific results to answers. It proves to be an easier way to request answers yet it becomes quite complex to obtain answers in some scenarios making it a non-ideal format to fulfill the intent.
Google SERP optimizations
Optimizing for featured snippets or position zero and other Google search features will be an important aspect in the near future. Along with optimizing your web page or website, it would be quite essential to optimize your Google search experience for SERP as well.
Understanding user intent and your audience
It will be more important to focus on the user intent of the keywords they are targeting while designing the content. Rankings have been fluctuating in the past to help fit the semantic intent of a user’s search query. The future of SEO is all about enhancing your audience’s journey through your site which would help in draining more traffic and investors.
On-page optimization
Not being a set-it-and-forget-it strategy, ongoing on-page optimization along with links is quite important. Website optimization ensures that the content answers the question of the users with relevant results. Using easily navigational physical locations and providing stage in fulfillment funnel, on-page optimization ensures that repeat customers could restock commonly purchased items.
In this era, with advent of technologies every day, competition makes it very difficult to target high volume keywords making the long tail strategy a goldmine for starters. SEO is a blanket term for various strategies used to soar your web pages to the top of the SERP in search engines.
The Search engine optimization services involve in selecting target topics, defining keywords, tailoring your page, and at last hustling to get prominent backlinks and social media exposure. NCrypted Technologies helps in accelerating growth of your company and particular websites using an expert team for your search engine optimization. It also offers with other similar services for your company such as internet marketing as well as conversion rate optimization. Come and visit us today for further details.
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